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Why Use Promotional Products?

We are in the promotional product business because we believe in it.  Promotional Products work and fit any budget.  People like to receive a "gift" and if it is chosen well, they will keep it and remember you in a positive way. 

The key to promotional products is to have a written plan.   Who do you want to have as clients?  Where can you meet them?  What could you give them that would easily remind them of you or your business?  Do you have repeat clients?  What could you give them to instill loyalty to you?  How much can you spend?

The goal of Xcel MarketingTM is to help all our clients find success with promotional products.  The answers to these questions help us to not only determine the right product for you, but also, the right way to use the product.

Our Favorite Items

Promotional Products are Intelligent Fun!

At Xcel MarketingSM, we specialize in helping business owners like you choose the right promotional products to help you achieve your goals.

With thousands of suppliers and over a million products to choose from, it is nearly impossible for someone with a busy schedule to find the best products to promote their business. We help make your decision easy.

We will show you a fun, yet effective way to retain and competitor-proof clients, win prospects, and reward employees.

No matter your budget, we have a quality solution for you!